Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are searching for a “what to pack in your hospital bag” blog on google, then I can only imagine that you are getting close to your delivery date! Pat yourself on the back, you are almost there mama! As a mom to 2 beautiful girls, I remember those anxious feelings of not knowing what to bring and trying to remember what to bring when the time came. I remember reading several blogs in hopes that I wouldn’t forget anything. Within this article I hope to bring you some awareness of items you can bring, and along with that I have attached a “Hospital Bag Checklist” pdf that you can download, print, and check-off as you prepare your hospital bag. Let’s get started!


During this time as you prepare yourself. Think comfort. You want comfortable clothes to move around in, especially if you know you are having a caesarean birth. Think loungewear that is loose, easy to remove, easy to put on, and easy to open. If you are planning on breastfeeding think about shirts that will be either easy to remove or open. During my time, I loved breastfeeding camisoles. They were easy to put on, comfy, and I can easily open them up when it came time to breast feed. You will be spending a good amount of time in the hospital, so think about your entertainment needs. Tablets, books, phone, and your chargers. Get chargers that are long, just in the event that the plug is far from your bed. Think about your usual stuff that you would pack for a vacation just make it more comfortable. Shower shoes for the shower, comfy sandals or slippers to walk around in. Comfy shoes for when you get to leave the hospital. Some other important things to outline are your wallet, ID, insurance card, and birth plan. If you are thinking about pumping and not sure how to use it, bring your pump with you. A lactation consultant normally walks around the hospital providing assistance. They can certainly help you in getting to know your pump.

Comfort, as you see fit..

You know yourself best, so analyze your comfort level and go from there. Yes, the hospital will provide, towels, pillows, and basic toiletry items. If you feel like what they’ll provide will be fine, then don’t bring in additional items. If you want to feel a little bit more at home, bring your favorite pillow, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This is all up to your discretion and how you want to feel after giving birth. Once I was able to walk, hours after birth, I just wanted to take a hot shower. Being able to take a shower with your own stuff after all that work, made things feel a lot better. You can always call your hospital and ask them what items they provide.

Baby items

The hospital will provide diapers, wipes, pacifier, and knitted hats. Which in case you don’t know yet… you can take these items home at the end of your stay! You’ll need baby’s car seat, which your spouse can get from the car once it’s time to leave. All those cute items you spent money buying for them, you can bring with you to take photos. Name plates, personalized swaddles, hats, and even a personalized coming home outfit. I loved finding personalized coming home outfits off Etsy.

You got this mama!

I know it all seems so scary to think about but, you’ll get through this! You’ll be hugging your sweet baby in no time, and all of this worriedness will seem like nothing. I hope you find this blog post, informative, and please feel free to download and use the checklist I’ve left for you!

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