Are you an expecting mother and looking for a birth center in Jacksonville, Florida? Or you’ve heard of birth centers and not really sure what they are. Within this article I’ll be talking about what a birth center is and give details on local birth centers here in Jacksonville. I hope you find this informative and hopefully this allows you to make a decision on your birth plan!

What is a birth center?

By definition a birth center is “a medical facility that provides a labor and childbirth experience in a family friendly, homelike environment for healthy, low-risk pregnant people” source: uptodate How is a birth center different than a hospital? It all comes down to the setting. A birth center will provide a more homelike experience without it being in your home. Moreso geared to expecting mothers who are hoping for a non-medicated birth. Birth centers also work with midwives, they may work in collaboration to an OB-GYN, if the need arises. Birth centers tend to provide a more comfortable environment with more freedom during your delivery process.

Can anyone give birth in a birthing center?

Birth centers handle low risk pregnancies. So, if your pregnancy has been low risk, you are certainly able to do deliver at a birth center. I do recommend you to check and see if your insurance covers it and also determine your birth plan. Most birth centers are more centered towards non-medicated births. If you are hoping for a medicated birth than maybe a birth center may not be the best option, but you could always call the birth centers below and verify with them.

Local Birth Centers in Jacksonville, FL

Below you will find some local birth centers located here in Jacksonville, FL.

Transitions Birth Center
Address: 6885 Belfort Oaks Pl
Suite 215
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: 904-990-0218

First Coast Midwifery Services
Address: 815 Stockton Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Phone: 904-990-3619

Fruitful Vine Midwifery Service & Birth Center
2221 University Blvd., west
Jacksonville, FL 32217
Phone: 904-855-4211

Birth Centers in Jacksonville

I hope you found this article a bit informative and that your decision on choosing a birth center becomes a bit easier. I would absolutely love to photograph this special season in your life so if you decide to get maternity photos or in-home newborn photos. I’d love to be considered! I am a Jacksonville, Florida Family Photographer that is all about documenting the joy and chaos of motherhood in the most authentic way. I’d love to document these memories for you.

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