I present you, the most frequently asked question from expecting mothers! Well I am here to provide you the answer you are looking for! As a Jacksonville, Florida newborn photographer, I get asked this question quite often. “When should I book a newborn session?” You are about to find out!

Two Weeks

I tell my clients that within two weeks of their sweet bundle of joy being born is when I would love to see them and meet their beautiful creation! Reason why? This is when your baby is still getting adjusted to the “outside” life. They are very sleepy during this stage and it’s a photographer’s dream to have a sleepy baby during their newborn portraits. Although I recommend that the session takes place within two weeks. Please reach out to a photographer at least 2-3 months in advance so you can be tentatively in their schedule.

In-home newborn photographer in Jacksonville Florida

But What if it’s not possible?

As photographers, we completely understand that things happen. God forbids, baby spends time extra time in the hospital or you are not 100% ready to have photos taken. We completely get it. Although we prefer the first two weeks, if we need to push it a bit farther. That is okay! Realistically speaking, the baby will still be sleeping a lot during it’s first month. I have photograph newborn sessions while baby was 3 months old due to covid restrictions. It’s completely do-able. As time goes on, baby tend to become more aware of their surroundings so as long as your not expecting sleepy newborn pictures, you’ll be fine!

Communication is key

Keep open communication with your photographer during this time! If something comes up, just keep them in the loop. We are looking to working with you and we certainly aren’t trying to add stress to this growing stage.

Newborn Photographer In-home jacksonville florida.

Remember the purpose!

Lastly, remember that the purpose of you getting pictures is to remember and treasure this sweet fleeting season that you are currently in. Whether it’s at two weeks, 6 months, or a year. Just take the picture! You’ll thank yourself when you see your little baby all grown up!

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Are you looking for a newborn photographer?

If so, I hope my “when should I book a newborn session” was helpful! If you are in search of a newborn photographer and you live in Jacksonville, Florida area please reach out! I love meeting new growing families! I service Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, & Ponte Vedra. I’ll leave my website here! Looking forward to talking with you!

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