Are you getting family photos done this fall or winter and looking to spice it up with some warm clothing pieces? Look no further! I’ll be giving you some tips on what to wear for your fall and winter family photos. As a Jacksonville Florida Family Photographer, styling families and creating timeless artwork is what I do. We often think that winter clothing can be bland, but I’m here to give you some inspirations and help you plan your family outfits for this season.

Beach Sessions

Not summer?

Beach sessions do not have to be summer focused. They can certainly have the winter aesthetic and it all depends on what your outfits are. The first thing I would do is to incorporate knitwear into your style board. Not only will knitwear pieces bring warmth because let’s be honest- it does get cold in Florida. Whether the northerners want to believe it or not! Haha. Knitwear photographs beautiful especially amongst a style board that is filled with different fabrics. Ways you can add knitwear to your photos: beanies, blankets, sweaters, overalls, scarves.


Long Sleeve Items

Another way to add a winter look to your family portraits is by adding long sleeve items to the look. This comes handy especially for the kids. Styling them with long sleeve items can help keep them warm while adding to the beachy winter look. They are also some beautiful long sleeve dresses that moms can wear that can create a cohesive look to what you are trying to achieve.


The Extras

Another great way in how you can add the winter look to your family portraits is by adding some great accessories like beanies, tights, jackets, blankets, shawls, and so forth. These items just like all the other ones mentioned will help bring warmth but can also give viewers the idea that it’s chilly in your beach session.

Styling for a beach fall/winter session

It doesn’t have to be bad!

Getting family portraits during the winter does not have to be horrible. I know we all think that winter clothes isn’t cute and that you won’t have those dreamy timeless photos like you get in the summer. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way. I do hope you found these tips helpful when planning your winter family portraits.

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